September 26, 2008

Emeril Green

If you have the Planet Green channel, check out Emeril Green. For a non-cook like me, I have learned quite a bit. (But that is the only show I've completely watched on Planet Green. The rest of their shows have not grabbed me.)

See? Short, to the point, and posted.

I'm Ba-ack!

Alright, so I cannot figure a topic worth writing about. I could rant about Obama, but why waste my, and your, time. Really, politics in general is simply flat.
I could write about my day, but that is even more boring! (I did eat jambalaya for breakfast. Hmm. Boring.) Nothing I deem important ever seems to happen. And that is probably a good thing.

Still, there has to be something worth writing; and in turn worth reading.

I found a blog by a girl/lady/woman/female named Kelly. She calls herself a reluctant pastor's wife. She is insightful, inspiring and humorous. But the one thing I really liked was her micro-blog. Yes, I know it is Twitter. *shudder* But that, coupled with Kelley's Twittering, got me thinking. I don't have to be verbose on all my posts. In fact, limiting a post to a text message might free up my creativity.

I just hope I don't have to resort to what I had for breakfast...

Edit 4/1/09: It seems that Kelly, for personal reasons, has taken her blog down.