October 15, 2008

But They Are 60 Cents Cheaper!

My Addiction; my Habit; the elixer that makes life bearable; that bubbly, caffeinated nectar of the gods called Dr. Pepper has been savagely brutalized by these economic hard times.  The standard 12 piece refrigerator pack has shrunk to an 8 pack.  Would this still have happened if the bailout had come quicker?

Thank You, Dubber

For the photo!  I needed a new image, especially in light of feeling like a whale...

October 12, 2008

Mini Me Mimicry

Me - Waiting for Kat, in a T-shirt and shorts, hands in pockets.
Chase - Beside me, in a T-shirt and shorts.

Chase decides to stand like Daddy, but has no pockets.  He lifts his shirt and sticks his hands in shorts at each hip.  Looks at Daddy and both smile.  Then, to complete the look, he sticks out his stomach as far as he can.  Looks at Daddy and only Chase laughs.  And Daddy realizes what a poor role model he truly is.

Salads have become my meal of choice.

October 09, 2008


For the past few months, it seems like I have had little/no control over my life. It is a sickening feeling. I struggle everyday to quit fighting it and give it all to God. I don't need to know exactly where this is all heading, but I do so want to know the next few steps.

I saw a painting by an artist named Rodney White two days ago. He uses sayings and vintage signage to create works of art. Most everything he does has some kind of inspiration. The one I saw really gave me a boost. It read, "Trust that the wind knows where it is going."

Thank you. I know I will still struggle a little. But hopefully each day will be easier.