July 17, 2008

Top 6 - A Celebration of Cars

So, I was watching Cars again, for about the 400th time.  With Chase, at least for most of it.  He's obsessed with construction vehicles, so this holds his fascination for a bit.  And Daddy gets a breather right before nap time. For both of us...
Anyway, I was thinking about the price of gas, and wondering if this movie was scheduled to come out, say around Christmas, if it would garner as big an audience as it did back in 2006.  Would we as a society be put off by a movie about cars and racing?  Then one of the songs started.  And I realized that we celebrate our cars, no matter what.  Both in film and in music.
So, with $4.00 a gallon for gas, here is my Top 6 list for celebrating all things automotive:
1.  Life is a Highway - Tom Cochran, 1991 (And the song that inspired the list)
2.  I Can't Drive 55 - Sammy Hagar, 1984  (A must on any car song list, even if they have raised the speed limit.)
3.  Little Duece Coupe - Beach Boys, 1963 (They invented the car song genre.)
4.  Drive - The Cars, 1984 (Yeah, I know. Way too obvous a choice)
5.  Hot Rod Lincoln - Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen, 1972  ("Son, you're gonna' drive me to drinkin' If you don't stop drivin' that Hot Rod Lincoln")
6.  Little Red Corvette - Prince, 1983 (Chevy used the song as part of an ad campaign where the slogan was "They don't write songs about Volvos".  I had to include it in my list just for that!)
Right now, I want to get into a Mustang, crank up the stereo, and drive until I'm out of gas!

So, let me know.  Agree? Disagree? Your choices?

July 09, 2008

My Things To Do List

It has been one hell of a month.  An impromtu move is perhaps the most frustrating and exhausting thing that you can do with a two-year old.  Hastily packed boxes with vague descriptions (at least on the ones I packed) coupled with a small someone obsessed with unpacking them before the movers arrive has meant that the unpacking process has been just as much fun.
Now July is one-third over and I have several unfinished projects in disarray.  This is my Things To Do list for the next few days:
1.  Complete 5 applications for teaching positions for the fall.
2.  Send out reference forms to those who kindly have agreed to speak well of me.
3.  Complete 4 to 6 drawings for a concept called "I Got It!"
4.  Finish a second draft to a children's book called "The Flirds of Borida".  (I cannot decide if I like Flird or Flyrd better.)
5.  Crank out a few posts to this blog.
6.  Get back to a daily posting on Orlando Daily Photo.

All this on top of a regular job, a little boy who needs pony rides, and a loving wife who needs small breaks from a little boy.


I think "Take a nap" just moved to the top of the list...