May 10, 2007

Top 6 - 80's Songs I Sing With When in the Car Alone

1. You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) - Dead or Alive, 1985
2. Walk Like an Egyptian - The Bangles, 1986
3. Tainted Love - Soft Cell, 1981
4. You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi, 1986
5. Land of Confusion - Genesis, 1986
6. An Innocent Man - Billy Joel, 1983

It helped that Tainted Love and You Spin Me were used in Coneheads and Wedding Singer, respectively. This gave them more airtime.
Land of Confusion still has one of my favorite vidoes. It is fascinating to see that the anti-Republican playbook remains the same today: show the opposition as being incompetent, ignorant or an imbicile.

Why a Top 6? Because it's one better that 5, and not as cumbersome as 10.


Kelley said...

Oh, what fun! I'll be back with my list when I've had more than three hours of sleep. Hooray for the 80s!

Scott said...

OK, this is my first attempt at posting a video. This was DAMN frustrating! The first two times didn't even show up! Then, if you choose to edit your blog, it drops the video. This was try #5...
I went through youtube for this. Let me know if you have any suggestions to make it easier.

Dubber said...

Well, I would post, but since you didn't see fit to publish my last post to your toe cracker post, I'm not sure what would be the point... ya big DORK!

Ok, now that I've got that off my chest (and my sternum is well-cracked), let's see...

1. Panama - Van Halen, 1983
2. Inside Out - Phil Collins, 1985
3. I Don't Wanna Know - Phil Collins, 1985
4. Summertime Girls - Y&T, 1985 ("She's hawt...")
5. Back On My Feet Again - The Babys, 1981
6. I Wanna Go Back - Eddie Money, 1985

Scott said...

John, I did not have any comments on the toe cracking. Seriously.

Great list!
I kept going back and forth with "In The Air Tonight" - Phil Collins, 1981 and "Against All Odds" - 1984. And I didn't even get to the album "No Jacket Required"! But the spark (or genesis) for this list was hearing Disturbed's version of L.O.C. and couldn't quite figure out what it was missing. Genesis kept a beat that was reminiscent of marching, and it set the tone. Disturbed is too "slick"; more rock than militaristic. Still, Phil kinda is my soundtrack to my 80's memories.
I don't know "Summertime Girls", and I barely remember "Back On My Feet Again". From whence do these come? Why do you sing them when your alone?

(P.S. How do you create links in comments? Teach me the ways of the Dark Side!)
(P.P.S., Repost to toe cracker!)

Dubber said...

I forgive you. :) I'd post again, but I forgot what I said, except that I like to crack my sternum, though it's usually painful and makes me think I'm having a heart attack.

Yeah, Genesis and Phil's solo stuff take up a lot of space in my 80's music memory. I think it's because a lot of Phil's music has to do with getting dumped or the turmoil of relationships. Like I Don't Wanna Know--that song is forever associated with Meredith Uher and my trip down to Galveston to see her, which ended badly. The irony is that Inside Out is also associated with her and my trip to College Station to see her, which ended well. Summertime Girls was in the movie Real Genius, which I saw with Adele Berringer (friend of Christie Ilgenfritz, who you may remember). Back On My Feet Again was just one of those songs that was oh so appropriate when getting over being dumped, which as you'll recall, happened frequently. I think KEGL played it for the most part. I heard I Wanna Go Back for the first time on a Sunday night as I was driving back to A&M my freshman year. You know me--Mr. Nostalgia--I was wishing I was still back in high school. Panama is unusual in that it reminds me of the Dining In we had when I was stationed at Mather AFB during nav school; they played a video of an AC-130 doing its thing in Panama. Too cool.

Of course I sing all these when I'm alone because I make it a point to not sing in public unless my voice is lost among others, like at church. Now Kelley has no business singing alone; that girl's got skillz.

Oh, as for the linky thing, the command is [a href="the URL of what you want to link to"]The Link Text[/a]. You'll need to replace [ with < and ] with >.

Dubber said...

Oooh! Oooh! Number 7 just came up on my iPod as I was logging off.

7. Somebody's Baby - Jackson Browne

This is the lead track on the Fast Times at Ridgemont High soundtrack. I guess after 20+ years I can now admit it was Shannon Spence who I sang this song about. [sigh]

Scott said...

WOW! You name names! What, is Lisa not reading this? Does she know about "the ones before"?
I vaguely remember Christie, definitely remember Meredith, but who was Shannon Spence?
I know what you mean about relationships back then. It is amazing how "in love" I felt. I dated two Lisa's, one of which whose last name I cannot even remember. The other I could barely pronounce and could not spell. And yeah, "Against All Odds" was Paula Hardin...

Sternum cracking. You sick, sick puppy...

Dubber said...

Uhmm.. I don't think she's reading, but ya never know. Besides, we're talking ancient history.

I never dated Shannon, but I sure wanted to. A lot. If you have your yearbook handy, I refer you to page 164, upper left-hand corner. Another applicable song to my crush on Shannon was also from the Fast Times at Ridgemont High soundtrack. It's a little ironic since I kinda sorta (in dim light) looked like Judge Reinhold when I was 17 and she more than kinda sorta looks like Phoebe Cates. Hmmmmm...

Ahem... my Paula song was Into the Groove.

Kelley said...

Tee hee. It's been funny listening to you two boys talk about high school!

For the record, I sing in the car even when I'm not alone. I'm sure it drives everyone mad. (Thanks for the "skillz" comment, John. You're very sweet.)

I'm not sure if these are my TOP 6, but they're the first 6 that came to mind . . .
1. Shout - Tears for Fears, 1985
2. People are People - Depeche Mode, 1984
3. Rio – Duran Duran, 1982
4. It's the End of the World As We Know It - REM, 1987
5. Should I Stay Or Should I Go – The Clash, 1982
6. Blister in the Sun – Violent Femmes, 1983

Scott said...

Yay, Kelley!

"Shout" was fun, but the whole primal scream therapy issue made me wonder about those guys.
And now I'm REALLY impressed! I don't think I know all the words to "It's the End of the World as We Know It", much less keep up with the beat!

And the sad part of memory lane is that it mostly was about the college years for me...

Scott said...

John, how dim a light were you talking about...

No, I don't have my yearbooks. There stashed away at my parents' house, if they still exist.

Why is it that no one from our class, or '83 and '85 for that matter, put any pics or bios at And the majority of our class cannot be found with a google search. Are we that private or are too many ludites?

Dubber said...

Very dim, but if you look at my yearbook pic (when I was skinny), it's not an unreasonable comparison. Nowadays it's Tim Robbins (or so says Tim the drummer [reference for Kelley--Jack, Tim and I are at the Rams game and Tim's like "hey, you look just like..."]). I would scan and post, but you can't post pics in comments. Maybe I'll post on my blog. Or maybe not.

Ya know, I wondered that myself. Then again, we're all hitting our 40's, so maybe it's simply that time has been unkind to most of us. Or, it could be that because the ten year reunion was so underwhelming, most have moved on without a desire to look back. Still, that doesn't explain why so few of us might show up in Google. Granted, you can't find me in Google either, probably because I have such a common name. In fact, I don't show up until page 14, and that's in a LinkedIn directory page with all the other guys who share my name. Then again, I have to compete with astronauts and artists, along with the occasional architect and lawyer.