July 25, 2007

My Blog, My Topic

This is from the comic strip "Pearls Before Swine" by Stephan Pastis. He fills the void left by "Far Side" and "Calvin and Hobbes" quite fittingly. And this seemed utterly appropriate.
(Also, check out the strip from 7/20. I think he's reading these blogs!)


Dubber said...

Yes, I think he's stalking your blog for ideas.

By the way, why do you insist on centering the text? I would think an art school graduate would appreciate the dynamics of asymmetry. ;)

Scott said...

So. Symmetry bothers you. Hmmmm.

And yeah, my ego is that big that I think he would find ideas on my blog.

And my college diploma says nothing about "art school". I see you put yours to good use, also.

Maybe that's what you should do. You seem to like being critical of others and their work. You could do a blog about buildings. And architects. Tell the rest of the world how they could have done it better. Or at least how you would have done it. Your first post could be titled: "Symmetry - Bad!"

Dubber said...

I have no interest in criticizing architects or architecture; that would be too much like being in architecture school. My only interest is in criticizing you, ya kettle. ;)