July 07, 2007

Seven Famous Sevens

Just for the hell of it, in honor of 07-07-07.

1. Seven Wonders of the Ancient World
2. Seven Deadly Sins
3. The Magnificent Seven
3. Seven Continents
4. Seven Days of the Week
5. The Seven Seas
6. Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
7. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Honorable mentions include: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, 007 James Bond, Seven Card Stud, 7-11 and 7-up.

Seven is an enigmatic number. There are mathematical properties that are inherent with seven. One example, take any number not evenly divisible by seven. On a calculator (or on paper if you so choose) divide it by seven. Pretty amazing. Take another number, three digits this time, and do the same. Freaky, isn't it?
Seven also figures into many religions. But nowhere more so than in Judaism and Christianity. Seven is God's perfect number. In occasion after occasion, seven comes into play. Seven days of creation. Jericho is circled seven times and the walls fell. When Peter asked how many times he should forgive someone, he pointedly asked if seven times was enough. Jesus responded with 70 times 7. Revelation is filled with several instances using seven.

I wanted to post this at 7:07, but that isn't possible. Instead, I settled for 7 minutes into the day. And I used 217 words to write all this...


Dubber said...

We're not allowed to have Seven Wonders of the World. The UN said so. I'm gonna tell on you.

Scott said...

First, the UN was not involved in the picking of the ANCIENT world.
Second, they do not have any official say in what a PRIVATE organization does with its own resources and time.
Third, they did not buy the rights for the first seven, so they really don't have a say in any updated list.
Fourth, I think the countries that didn't have their "wonder" chosen are the ones behind it.
Fifth, the USA says I have the freedom of speech and freedom of press. (One of those will cover me.)
Sixth, NOBODY LISTENS TO WHAT THE UN SAYS ANYWAY. Oooh, what are they gonna do? Pass a resolution against the list? Against me? Scary...
Seventh, how could you NOT see a seven-point list being used as a response?

Dubber said...

I'm still gonna tell. You're in trou-bllle. Uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

Scott said...

O, grow up.

poo-poo head.

Dubber said...