September 25, 2007

Packing and Pondering

Long month.
We are moving, so pretty much all spare time is taken for packing up all our stuff. And throwing out all the stuff we don't use. George Carlin talked about the difference between stuff and s***. Stuff is what you have; what you own. S*** is what someone else has. Right now, I feel like I have a bunch of s***.

Random ponderings:
Live Free or Die Hard is THE BEST TITLE EVER. I haven't seen the movie yet. Don't really need to. It has Bruce in it and is in the Die Hard series. I will own it soon enough. And wear out my DVD player watching it over and over.
Runner-up title: God May Have Forgiven You, But I Won't. I think this is both a movie (Western, of course) and the title of a song (Country, of course).

It is cheaper now to buy a new printer than to buy the replacement inks. How messed up is that? Soon, someone will come out with disposable printers. Worked with razors and cameras.

I love Mythbusters. But I want them to tackle the similes. You know, are foxes really crazy? Are tacks sharp? In truth, I think the show may have run its course. Some of the things they test anymore don't grab me like they used to.

Okay, enough. Be back soon!


Kelley said...

Moving = blech! I told my husband we'll have to die in this house because I just can't fathom trying to pack it all up.

Your post reminded me, for some reason, of a Steven Wright routine. Thanks for the giggles.

Scott said...

Wow, synchronicity. Two days ago I brought up my favorite S.W. joke, too.
"I put instant coffee in the microwave and almost went back in time."

I didn't mind moving before. But now with an 18 month old, and ALL that goes with an 18 month old, I am very much over it.