October 16, 2007

In My Corner of the World

Really short post, as this has been a really busy month. I won't get 6 postings this time. Alas.

Chase had his 18-month checkup and shots recently. (ouch) He seems small to me, and the doc said he is below average size. But he assured me that this is a normal thing and a growth spurt would fix this. The fun part was finding out his vocabulary and talking skills were on par with a 24 month level. It is good to know that he can converse with 2 year-olds if he is in their social environment. Also, he is multi-lingual. He could speak with a cat, cow, horse, sheep, dog, duck and a few other animals. It has saved me from those awkward silent moments I used to have with the cows in the field next door.

Other than that, it has been work and sleep. And that will continue for another couple of weeks.

Edit: Yikes! I didn't publish this; just saved it! I guess I should read my blog every so often...


Dubber said...

Welcome back. I thought you decided to forego mere words for the glitz and glamour of pictures. ;)

By the way, you go interesting places on a daily basis.

Scott said...

I do go to interesting places, but not on a daily basis. Usually once a week I go on a photo safari.

I have not forsaken words yet. It's been a busy month. I just haven't had anything to rant about.

Dubber said...

I was wondering, because it would be rather cumbersome to drag your camera around on a daily basis, assuming the photos aren't from a camera phone. I was tempted to follow your lead, but O'Fallon is really an unremarkable place.

Scott said...

But you could do one on St. Louis in general. There were 2, but one dropped off not too long ago.

And I don't think you give your town enough credit. There's one on Kyle, TX. If he can find subject matter, you can too. And you can make it a family affair. I saw the pics y'all put up.