January 18, 2008

I Love Trivial Things

Probably because I'm a trivial guy. I check the stats on both of my blogs with fierce regularity. I like knowing where people are when they find me, both geographically and from what site that sent them here. The thing that puzzles me the most are how people find me when doing a google, yahoo or blog search.
Two of the most searched ways that I am found at Orlando Daily Photo is by "black cat" or "Cinderella's Castle" - both by images. These make perfect sense. They are straight forward. But I have been found 13 times by people searching "huge spider"! I always wonder what exactly these people are looking for, and if these are 13 hits from the same person.
But the strangest, most unbelievable search that has netted me 17 hits so far is a google search for "t". Yes, the letter "t"! Google says there are about 6,050,000,000 results. It may as well just say, "On just about every freakin' page on every freakin' website in the entire freakin' internet!" And yes, I crawled through 38 pages before I gave up. Searching the letter "t". John, I apologize right now for making fun of your searches. At least you have a method to your madness. And some very funny videos to boot.
Some good news does come out of this. I did find that when you search "orlando florida", I rank around top 40 to 50 sites (out of 16,900,000). When you search "Orlando fl", I am 20 to 30 out of 7,400,000. And when you search "orlando, fl, usa", I rank second only to Walt Disney World. How cool is that?
I know. Not very cool. Very trivial.


Dubber said...

Hey, I'm trivial AND I'm easily amused (hence my searches and whatnot). ;)

Kelley said...

No, that's VERY cool! Second only to Disneyworld? How fun!

Scott Johnson said...

Now, if I could only increase the traffic, maybe I could put some kind of advertising on it.

I kinda would like to add an Amazon ad, knowing I could push WDW books.

Scott Johnson said...

A side note: How many pages/sites do you look at when you search for something? Like on google, I may look at the top 50 sites or so. And I know I have never gone much past the first 100.

Dubber said...

I search until I find it, but I usually find it on the first or second page.