April 09, 2008

An Apology. Sort of. Not Really.

Alright, listen.

I have taken a little time to reflect upon my recent comments on other people's blogs. Really just two blogs. One blog chose simply to delete my comments (as well as several others) that went against his argument. Even after posting them AND responding to them!
Without giving him any credit here, the post in question was how gas prices were out of control because we invaded Iraq. And in the very same paragraph said that we had invaded Iraq for their oil fields. I, and several others who had a dissenting view to this, posited that if we truly went there for oil, then if anything gas prices should have stayed the same, if not dropped. This doublespeak continued even with his responses. It soon became clear that the author really had nothing but the Democratic playbook of responses. I don't even think he had fully thought out any of the stuff he typed into his blog.
Now, I did enjoy the challenge and it was fun to see others put down how they felt. I really do not care if he did delete my comments. I simply will not give him "free advertising" by posting his site here.

While I was at it, I jumped into the middle of another person's opinion piece. Kelley has a great blog full of personal style and beliefs. She is thoughtful and thought provoking. And while I have yet to meet her (soon, very soon...), I count her as a friend.
Yet I felt compelled to comment on how she views other people. I was tired; it was after 1 a..m my time when I started. And I tried to be concise. That only compounded everything. Instead, it came off more as an attack. I re-read my comment and realized something. No one can actually hear me.
Other realizations: The Sun and the Moon both travel east to west. Tabby cats are a lot like tigers, only smaller.
In truth, I am very deliberate with my words. I try to think through my thoughts before talking or writing. I sometimes rewrite comments and posts several times (even breaking out the dictionary and thesaurus) to make sure I put down just the right words. But even then, no one can tell my inflections.

Anywho, I did warn of this when I started this blog. I guess what I'm trying to say is: Kelley, I am so very sorry for crashing your party and french kissing you. But I will not promise that I won't do it again.


Dubber said...

Man, I wish I could have seen you open up a can of logical whup ass on the dork you mentioned.

As for Kelley, once you two meet, I think you'll be able to be tired and concise and she'll know you're just being concise while tired.

Scott Johnson said...

Every once in a while, I click on the "Orlando" part in my profile. It shows other bloggers who have posted recently. It is a fun keyword type search. That is how I found Mr. Dork Democrat Doublespeak. It was fun until he took his toys and ran home...

I really found it funny that she felt attacked and was making people mad! And when I'm really tired I make up stupid names for the person I'm attacking. That's really concise!

And I fell out of my chair with your "squirt guns" remark!

Kelley said...

Scott! It's okay, friend! I'm only sorry that I'm so freaking behind on my blogging that I only just now found your sort-of-not-really-apology. You have absolutely nothing to apologize for, and I would be extremely disappointed if you promised not to crash my party again. The french kissing, though? Yeah, that's gotta stop.