July 09, 2008

My Things To Do List

It has been one hell of a month.  An impromtu move is perhaps the most frustrating and exhausting thing that you can do with a two-year old.  Hastily packed boxes with vague descriptions (at least on the ones I packed) coupled with a small someone obsessed with unpacking them before the movers arrive has meant that the unpacking process has been just as much fun.
Now July is one-third over and I have several unfinished projects in disarray.  This is my Things To Do list for the next few days:
1.  Complete 5 applications for teaching positions for the fall.
2.  Send out reference forms to those who kindly have agreed to speak well of me.
3.  Complete 4 to 6 drawings for a concept called "I Got It!"
4.  Finish a second draft to a children's book called "The Flirds of Borida".  (I cannot decide if I like Flird or Flyrd better.)
5.  Crank out a few posts to this blog.
6.  Get back to a daily posting on Orlando Daily Photo.

All this on top of a regular job, a little boy who needs pony rides, and a loving wife who needs small breaks from a little boy.


I think "Take a nap" just moved to the top of the list...


Dubber said...

Post some of your drawings.

Scott Johnson said...

No can do. No scanner.
I know, one of these days I'll get one...