October 15, 2008

But They Are 60 Cents Cheaper!

My Addiction; my Habit; the elixer that makes life bearable; that bubbly, caffeinated nectar of the gods called Dr. Pepper has been savagely brutalized by these economic hard times.  The standard 12 piece refrigerator pack has shrunk to an 8 pack.  Would this still have happened if the bailout had come quicker?


Dubber said...

You do realize it's your love of this magical elixr, this effervescent masterpiece (note the intertwined alliteration), bubbling with Imperial Pure Cane Sugar goodness that is the cause of your newfound need to consume green leafy ruffage.

Scott Johnson said...

I tried Diet Dr. Pepper, but found no difference in weight loss. I was then told it would take about 6 to 9 months to notice any difference. Whatever. I do eat right. I eat very healthy meals at home, and barely any bad meals when we go out.
My real problem is lack of proper exercise. I am active enough, but not doing the right things to eliminate the spare tire.