October 12, 2008

Mini Me Mimicry

Me - Waiting for Kat, in a T-shirt and shorts, hands in pockets.
Chase - Beside me, in a T-shirt and shorts.

Chase decides to stand like Daddy, but has no pockets.  He lifts his shirt and sticks his hands in shorts at each hip.  Looks at Daddy and both smile.  Then, to complete the look, he sticks out his stomach as far as he can.  Looks at Daddy and only Chase laughs.  And Daddy realizes what a poor role model he truly is.

Salads have become my meal of choice.


Dubber said...

Welcome to the hamster wheel, or gerbil ball. You should know Kelley and Jack are both, like, skinny. I shed 20 lbs, but have stalled.

Scott Johnson said...

I need to drop 10, maybe 15, pounds. And they are all around the midsection. Exercise is what I really need.