January 17, 2009


As I sat here tonight, I realized that the month is half over and I haven't talked about resoultions. The truth is, this year I mostly made resolutions for those around me. I figure that most would benefit from the keen observations and insights I could give them. I learned two things:

1. The list of resolutions for others is perhaps longer than most find comfortable.
2. Some really do not wish to have their shortcomings pointed out. A few were most inhospitable, tearing up the list before getting much past the first couple.

It is really a shame how some would rather stay the way they are.


Dubber said...

How come I don't get a list? :p

Scott Johnson said...

Your list had to be sent bulk mail! :0

Plus, I figure you already have enough on your plate with the lawyer stuff. I would hate to tick you off and then not get any free lawyer advice! ;)