February 23, 2009

Does My Insurance Cover That?

A wave of sinusitis and flu paid us all a visit last week. And since I am now an alarmist parent who does not wish to even pass by a hospital, we rushed Chase into the doctor's office for a second opinion. (The first being a check against medical websites and his hospital's discharge papers.)
He was not at all acting that sick. Daddy, fever ridden with chills, had on multiple layers, a hat and ski gloves. Did I mention it's in the 70's? Much too cold to be out running around with chills.
The doctor got all the information she needed from Mommy and Daddy. Still, she talks to the kids to make sure nothing is overlooked. So she asked Chase if he had any boo-boos. She asked, "Do you hurt anywhere?"
Chase answered, "Yeah."
"What hurts?" queried the doctor.
Chase responds, "My feelings."
Mommy quips, "I don't think this is the right doctor for that."

Almost 3, and already I have to worry how I have emotionally scarred my child.

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