April 07, 2009

Random Gibberish, April 2009

It makes me very frustrated, going about a month between posts. It makes me feel like I am letting myself down. I really thought I could post 6 times a month. Well, technically I can. The real truth is that I censor about  95% of what I write. Mainly because I don't feel I have something substantial to add to the web. And it isn't like any/many do stop in.

Still, there are those things that I write down that, at the time, seem to be something. I wrestle with making them a worthwhile read. Most just bounce around and get deleted. Here, if for no other reason than to rid a few of them from my skull, are topics, rants, thoughts (gibberish, drivel) that have been squatting like a band of homeless gypsies and need to be evicted from my brain:
  • Ducks have such attitude. But they get away with it. Next time you see some ducks on a lake, just stay there and watch. Sooner or later, they will dip headfirst into the water, getting a bite to eat. Not hardly. They are mooning you. And you thought they were all cute.  Another reason to hunt them.
  • I miss Feedburner. Google analytics is so clunky. And you really have to dig for the information Feedburner would gift wrap and present in such a clean, simple way.
  • Speaking of analytics, 4 people a day visit this site. Poor unfortunate souls. They obviously didn't know what they were searching for. And it's NEVER anyone I know. (Okay, almost never. 99.99997% of the time NEVER.)
  • If I opened up a puppy mill (or even a legal dog breeding facility), I would call it the Bar K Corral.  (Not really; I find one dog to be a chore.  I cannot imagine what more than one would smell like...) 
  • If I could be one age the rest of my life (sort of like vampiric/never-aging, but not necessarily an undead/eternal state *huh?*), I would like to be 28. It just seems more respectable. More responsible than an 18 or 21 year old. And yet still has a youthfulness about it.
Well, now. Out of my head. And into yours. All 4 of you. In truth, most of you stay around about 38 seconds, so most of you didn't even finish reading this. And I wonder why I don't post more often...

Edit: I do want you all to know, I really am not hung up on how many and who visit here.  It is all tongue-in-cheek.  And done for a laugh only.  I do this blog for my amusement; not so much for acclaim.  Orlando Daily Photo (the link is at the top) gets well over 2000 visitors a month, and I post quite regularly there.  Over 500 photos.  And that's with taking over two months off.

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