December 31, 2007


Note to self: On March 1st, re-read this post and LAUGH, LAUGH, LAUGH!

I really don't make any grandiose resolutions. I am not saying I have nothing to improve upon. Just content with myself. And with that said, here we go!

1. Exercise more. (Vague enough to argue that by mid-February this will be accomplished.)
2. Eat healthier. (Again vague enough.)
3. Enjoy more wines. (Sipping on a glass of Veuve Clicquot right now.)
4. Write 500 words a day. (This will be the toughest one.)
5. Post one photo a day on my other blog.
6. Post at least 6 times a month on this blog.

And the one resolve I make each year. And so far, I have kept it.
Enjoy each day as the gift from God that it is. And thank Him daily for the gift.


Dubber said...

I'm beginning to think you're Ren to my Stimpy, Brain to my Pinky [doink!]. Smart man, that Scott is.

Scott said...

To quote Britney Spears; "Huh?"

What in the name of Hanna-Barbara are you referring to? (And yeah, I know they have nothing to do with R&S or P&TB.)

Dubber said...

Dude, I'm just sayin' you're smart.

Scott said...

Oh. Maybe not that smart after all.

Do you pick resolutions who feel are attainable? Or choose one or two that is out of reach, for growth?

I guess the 500 word one is my out of reach goal. And all these words count into today's 500!

Dubber said...

I am resolute in my avoidance of resolutions, or at least resolutions associated with the start of a new year. I did resolve to start living my life in a more predictable, dare I say habitual manner, but I made that resolution back in November.

Scott Johnson said...

I think the better term for me is goal(s). It is just easier to have a starting point like the beginning of the year.