December 28, 2007

Technorati Surprises

I know that this is really silly. But it's all John's fault. He added the Technorati button to his site. (Hopefully that will help raise you to a "3").
Now I have no clue how this site works. (No, really.) I have no idea why this site is out there. Hopefully someone will take pity on me and give me a succinct explanation as to why it matters. *cough* Lisa *cough*

Now, to add to my general ignorance of this, when I clicked on the widget I found that John's blog was ranked around 3,000,000. That is out of some 113 million blogs! And while playing around the technorati site, I found that this blog was ranked at about 2,100,000! I was floored. How can this even be possible? How are these sites rated? Then there's Kelley's site, which was ranked around 873,000. This makes sense because she has connections. :)

But the big shock came when I searched for my other site - Orlando Daily Photo. This site is ranked around 32,700! !?!!?! I am at a loss. Is there a way to make this work for me? Yes, I mean monetary-wise. Yes, I am greedy.

Seriously, I have had a great time with both sites. They have rewarded me in ways I cannot begin to express. I just wanted to blog about what I found.


Dubber said...

Lisa sent me some email on the subject. Shoot me a message from your current addy and I'll forward it on.

Scott said...

Done and done.

Thank you both!

Hyde DP said...

It is mostly to do with linking - since Orlando DP gets linked to from all the other DP sites it gains points [if you like - no I don;t understand the actual technicalities] - now I got here today following the link on Orlando GP and then scrolled down to discover this post.

Scott said...

Thank you!
I appreciate your visits and comments!