February 21, 2008

Random Gibberish

So I have a new layout and cannot think of something to blog about. Figures. Sort of like staring at a blank canvas that's already ornately framed. You don't want to put something in the center of the frame that will certainly degrade or lessen the effect.

O Hell, I'm gonna ruin it sooner or later. I guess I'll go with sooner.

Here are some items that, on their own, are not enough for even a lousy post. They seem utterly appropriate for an occasion such as this.

- If a man says something and a woman is not around to hear it, is he still wrong? Maybe I should set up a poll on this.
- When I had to have my gall bladder removed, the only annoying thing was having to wear that plastic cone. I mean really. Bite at your stitches once and it haunts you all your life. I didn't get a good night's sleep for a week.
- Why do people ask me about Chase, only to interrupt me with anecdotes of their child, sort of related to whatever I was talking about? I am the one with the interesting child.
- The sound of one hand clapping is still much sweeter than the sound of one head slapping a glass door.
- Too many people put more time and effort into the wedding than they do the marriage.
- If a bunch of cats jumped on each other would you still call it a dogpile?

So there it is. Random gibberish. And now my new shiny template has been officially tainted.
(At least I didn't fill it with how my day was, or what I ate. I will let other blogs handle those kinds of topics!)


Dubber said...

Hey! If a blog were made of barbeque spare ribs, would you eat it?

Scott Johnson said...

I cannot stand ribs. Or wings. It's too much work for too little food. And there are better, more flavorful parts of cows and chickens.

Dubber said...

Dude, I can't believe we grew up on the same planet. Can't stand ribs? Can't stand ribs?! Well lemme tell ya--I would, and I'd ask for seconds.

Scott Johnson said...

Ribs are good. But it's just so much work for a tiny bit of meat. I'm lazy. Give me a T-bone. I'll gnaw on that for awhile.

Dubber said...

I think it depends on the ribs. There used to be a place here called Super Smokers (bad name for someone as averse to smoking as I am) that had ribs with tons o' meat that just fell off the bone. I could barely finish a full rack.

Scott Johnson said...

Maybe that's the problem. Still, I don't waste my time on wings anymore.
Crawfish boils were the same way. I've watched grown men go through dozens of mudbugs and not get enough to fill their gut. Maybe if it were the only item you could find to eat I could understand.