February 20, 2008

Time, time, time. See what's become of me...

Well, here it is. All new! All improved! Now with 75% more drivel!

I finally got this template to work. Actually, I found it on another site that was not in Spanish. This is a Wordpress theme that has been modified to Blogger. There were several hoops to jump through, but I dig it. Yes, I know it's a Mac OS ripoff. Still, it is very classy looking.

One cool bit is the widget area. They are drag and drop. Really. Go try it! And with cookies enabled, when you set it to how you want to see it, it will reload that way on your system! (Yeah, I know. No one will actually use it. But it's still cool.)

Anyhow, let me know what you think. I will try out some different things in posts and such. Simply to get the bugs out. And just to see what else I can do.


Dubber said...

It's fabulous!

Seriously, very clean, very stylish, very professional.

Scott Johnson said...

There are still some kinks in it. The recent posts and recent comments widgets don't seem to be working correctly. And really are not necessary. They will certainly change soon.

Well, great. Just great. A very clean, stylish, professional site full of gibberish and drivel. Somehow this seems wrong. Like lipstick on a pig. I guess the world is gonna have to pucker up!