February 18, 2008

Template Contemplation

I really want a new template. I like Blogger. I like the tie-in to Google, even if others don't. But I really like the templates at Wordpress and Typepad. Well, some of them anyway.
My problem is that I am too lazy to learn all the coding it takes to make a new one. And none of the ones that I find have all the qualities I want. Or they are in Spanish, and I would have to modify it. And again, too lazy.
I found one that I liked. The price was right - free. But no matter how I loaded it and played with the code, I could not get the darn thing to look right. It had a great little button date area. It even had three columns. Maybe I will look harder at it soon.
So I have given up. At least for a while. And even have time for a post or two!

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