March 10, 2008

Dumb, Stupid Dubber

Okay, Dubber is not dumb or stupid. I am simply tranferring my angst and anger! Dumb, stupid tests...
Why do I torture myself? Just because there is a kooky test or puzzle, doesn't mean I have to click on it. It doesn't even mean I have to finish it!
Yet, here is the result of my nerd test: says I'm a Cool Nerd King.  What are you?  Click here!

Now I have always known, deep down inside, was a geek that would sit and read just about every comic book ever made by DC Comics, (Only Spider-man ever garnered my attention at Marvel.) all the while the old Buck Rogers and Battlestar Galactica tv series would be playing in the background. Still, I managed to satiate that urge with "real" books and Star Wars. Little did I realize that by doing so, I unwittingly created a rather balanced inner child.
Then this Nerd Test! This damnable scourge has now revealed this to the world! It has unleashed the child in the same manner a young Wart managed to pull the sword Excalibur from the stone!
Yes, I am your Cool Nerd King! Bow before me, ye awkward Dorks! Kneal and kiss my ring, ye nerds!
Trust well that I will be a benevolent ruler. We shall discuss how R2-D2 is the true main character of "Star Wars"! We shall argue as to which is faster, Superman or The Flash! But never, will I impose upon you the remake of "Bionic Woman", unless of course you find her hawt!

Our first order of business for the Round Table: "The Blair Witch Project" is a modern retelling of "Hansel and Gretel". Discuss!


Dubber said...

I think you fudged on the dumb/dork/awkward thing to only get 16%. I've known you waaaaay too long to believe you're only 16% awkward dork. ;) Still, your nerd cred is high. All hail the Nerd King!

Scott Johnson said...

But, if I did fudge (And no, I did not.) on the Dumb/Dork/Awkward part that would only prove that I was not dumb. And only a dork wouldn't have fudged if he were able to. And you would have to be fairly skillful (ie. not awkward) to pull it off.
And with that said, I've known you far too long to believe your 85% D/D/A. Have you somehow increased your dorkiness that much?

LG9 said...

Ok, so as i expected i got a HUGE percentage on the awkwardness 90%![shocker, right?]

Anyway, i'm a "highly dork non-nerd". I guess that makes sense.

science/math 31%
tech/comp 13%
Sci-fi/comic 39%
history/lit 21%

I can't believe I got a higher score on sci fi/ comic...

Although, I do have a picture with jar jar binks ! :)

Scott Johnson said...

Well, awkwardness is something you can outgrow. You never stop being a nerd. At least I haven't.

You may have a pic of you and Jar Jar, but the real question is where is it? If it's framed and on your nightstand, you are a dorky nerd!

I keep mine in my wallet so I can show it off, but only to other nerds...

LG9 said...

Hah! too funny.

Me and Jar Jar's pic is posted on myspace, so that's for all too see nerd or not. I used to have it on my phone before I dropped it so many times my screen broke [is clumsy a part of being awkward??] So I can no longer carry it around with me, but it is posted on the internet for the world to see.. or at least my friends.

Scott Johnson said...

So I had to see the pic for myself. Um, yeah...

You may not be a nerd, but you do have nerd tendencies. That probably means you'll marry a nerd.

LG9 said...

hah, yea i definitely wouldn't be suprised.