March 20, 2008

Now We Are Two!

Chase enjoying a morning birthday cupcake!Chase turns two today. It is a sort of sad/happy moment. He is no longer a baby. He really hasn't been for awhile now, but this milestone is usually the delineation between baby and toddler. That is the sad part.
The happy part is he is growing and developing daily before our eyes! He is a cross between a tape recorder and dictator. I realize that you have to be careful what you say in front of him, but the real problem is that the rest of the world does not. Going shopping has taken on a new aspect. And usually the people with vulgar language have kids of their own! That is messed up!
The fun part is still getting him to control his emotions. And I know that will take much more time and patience. The little dictator becomes indignant if you try to do something he does not want you to do. Last week, Kat borrowed a Laurie Berkner DVD from the library. He loves music of all sorts. (He will stop what he is doing to listen to the themesong of whatever TV show is on. He then goes back to business when it ends.) So, one night while Kat was at a rehearal, I put it in. I tried to get him to dance with me, and began moving in the geeky/awkard way that I dance. He commanded, "No dance, Daddy!" But I didn't listen. That is when he went nuclear and screamed! Then he started crying and said, "No dance!" When I stopped, he pointed to the couch and said, "Daddy, sit here!" I did as I was commanded.
This week he is moving up to a new class. It is much larger and has more kids. So far, he is not adjusting as well as he had in the past to the change. But this will not last long. Most dictators love new worlds to conquer. And more people to rule!


LG9 said...

Happy Birthday, Chase!

and scott, welcome to the terrible two's. Good luck!

Dubber said...

And Scott said "I think I'll call him 'mini me.'" ;)

Congrats to the little guy for his second orbit around the sun, and to mom and dad for doing such a good job with him.

Scott Johnson said...

I think it's more like "Cuter than me". He may have my blue eyes and brownish hair, but mommy's attitude and personality type run deep through him!

And thank you both for the kind words!