March 26, 2008

Recession and Commerce

So, again, I find that the daily barrage of news that we are in a recession seem to run counter to what people are doing. This time around it is on the national level. Picture three talking head pundits arguing about what people should do with their money. The consensus leaned on sitting on your money. Don't take risks. One even went so far to argue that, in the short term at least, many should not spend needlessly on big ticket items. It was really a bit of doom and gloom.
Then the commercial break comes. First is the etrade baby (he cracks me up!) touting how easy it is to invest. Then, next is the guy who puts his social security number everywhere, and tells you how he can protect your identity. This is followed by ads for a flat screen television, a luxury car, and a travel website.
It really made me wonder: Which is more persuasive? Are we more swayed by "experts" or by advertisers?

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