June 07, 2008

It's a Guy Thing

Today, my son took that next step to manhood. Belching.

Not a burp. Not one of those chesty, breathy kinds of release of pressure. No. This was a belch. Deep from the pit of the gut, belch.
It did surprise him. He was not sure what had occured. Was it good? Was it bad? He looked to me for guidance.
I gave him a knowing smile, took a deep breath, and answered his with one of my own.

And then we laughed together. He laughed until he fell over. I wiped a proud tear away from the corner of my eye.

Today, we bonded. Bonded in a way no female could ever understand. And now I wait for another of those moments meant to strengthen that bond. Both those that involve bodily functions and those that don't.

Yeah, it's a Guy Thing.

1 comment:

Dubber said...

Booyah! Now just waits until he farts for effect. :)